ING Exchange: Your ING information gateway

We call ING's USFS intranet ING Exchange. ING Exchange provides timely access to critical information and tools, and helps you do a better job with our customers, distributors, products and services.

ING Exchange is a centralized, online resource for company and industry information.

But ING Exchange is much more than just a warehouse for's actually a strategic communications and business tool.

Within ING Exchange, you will find detailed information about big and small topics. Everything from the cafeteria menu to the company’s strategic objectives is available to you is a click away.

You will be able to look at job postings, search for people and topics, access local news and weather, and keep an eye on how ING stock is performing throughout the day. As a new employee, you will appreciate how ING Exchange's wealth of information helps you get up to speed more quickly.

And, as an employee, you’ll use ING Exchange to help manage your work life. ING Exchange is the launching pad for completing a number of transactions, including travel arrangements, HR-related activities, IT service requests, and much more.

Getting around ING Exchange is easy, with four primary navigation tabs:

About ING
Everything you want to know about the company, including strategies and initiatives.
  • My HR
    In About Me, it’s all about you.
    This section provides you with the tools and processes to manage your benefits and viewing your paycheck.
  • My Work Tools
    Provides access to the tools you need to get things done, including collaboration tools, technology support and buying tools.
  • News & Messages
    Stay up to date with ING news from USFS and around the world.

How to use it
Once you are on board, you will be able to access the “ING Exchange Site Tour,” a quick walk through of the major sections, as well as key features and capabilities.

Can’t find it?
There’s a wealth of information available to you on ING Exchange. And, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, the search tool for ING Exchange is powered by Google, the very same easy search tool you use on the internet.

Local News
On the ING Exchange homepage, you will also find your Local News (bottom left area). Check out the Local News for information and happenings at your site. Be sure to set your ING Exchange preferences to display your location’s news.

That's ING Exchange....easy, fast, informative and convenient!

Other communication resources
In addition to ING Exchange, the following vehicles make it easier for you to get the information you need:
  • ING U.S. Update, a weekly electronic newsletter, is automatically distributed every Thursday evening to your ING e-mail inbox. This concise, no-nonsense publication will keep you updated on our company’s strategic direction, organization and environment. It strongly focuses on practical job tips and requirements, such as selecting your benefits, taking required training sessions, and more.
  • You will receive periodic emails from our leaders regarding critical initiatives and news, such as details about our quarterly results.
  • Although ING favors electronic communications (because they are timely, interactive and cost-effective), from time to time you will see printed items about initiatives that merit additional attention.
  • You will also participate in face-to-face meetings with your manager and your colleagues throughout the year. Our company encourages all managers to have open, regular dialogue with their teams.

ING USFS’ communications vehicles are augmented by communications driven by your business or functional leader, as well as by ING Group. Examples of ING Group communications include:
  • ING matters, a monthly print magazine
  • Global ING news (available on the ING Exchange homepage)
  • E-mails from Michel Tilmant, ING Group chairman & CEO

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